How do I get my order once purchased?

We are a Cottage Food Company, which means that we operate out of our home. We bake everything fresh for your order. The address is 1530 Maryland Ave N, Minneapolis MN, 55427. We can't wait to see you!

How long does the challah and soup stay fresh?

Challah is best in the first few days but It lasts up to 5 days. The chicken noodle soup lasts for 3 days. Challah and chicken noodle soup freeze great! To defrost a challah so it tastes the best, leave out to thaw all day then heat in oven set to 350 degrees for about 10 minutes-or until warm.  

Allergies and other dietary restrictions?

We would love to accommodate everyone but safety is the most important to us. Since everything is baked in a family home we cannot guarantee that it is contaminate free. 
Our classic challah is made with,
Bread Flour, Eggs, Canola Oil, Sugar, Eggs, Yeast, Salt
If you have any allergy questions about our specialty challahs please send us an email or DM.
Products are not allergen free. Our products may contain some or all of the following common food allergens: MILK, EGGS, FISH, SHELLFISH, TREE NUTS, PEANUTS, WHEAT, AND SOYBEAN.

Do you ship?

We do not ship at this time.

Want to place a large/bulk/custom order? 

Send us and email on our contact us page about what you're looking for and we will make it happen. We love to get creative and do fun shapes and sizes!

Return/Cancellation Policy?

In the unlikely event that you are not happy with your order, please let us know about the problem within 48 hours. Full or partial refunds and store credit are decided on a case-by-case basis, but our goal is always to have you leave happy. If we have made a genuine mistake (the product was not made correctly), we will certainly make it right. We are not able to offer refunds in cases where the product was baked and decorated correctly, but a flavor or texture didn't meet a personal preference. Most people love our flavors, but it's impossible to predict everyone's particular taste preferences. If something has gone wrong, please let us know right away!

If you do not pick up your order, we do not give a refund. If you need it at a later date, we can either freeze it for a following pick up day or you will have to pay for a new order. We cannot resell any product that is not picked up by the customer. Cancellations and/or changes must be made at least 2 business days in advance of the pick up day.  Store credit will be issued for cancellations received with proper notice. No cash refunds.