Bringing jewish classics back into your every day life & on your families tables!

We want to provide comfort that challah & a good bowl of soup can bring to you & your family. Even if you're not in the tribe, but you dig the vibe, we're here to help you make memories that last.

Meet Our Team

This is Morgan of Morgan's Broth & Buns. When Covid hit & she was let go of her job, she took that opportunity to start a business from scratch. With passion, creativity and excitement she focused on something that brings her joy and turned it into a family run business.

She is the conductor of this crazy crew of ladies and the mastermind behind the innovative flavors. She is hard working, positive, insanely talented and the most giving person you will meet. She will do anything to make her team smile even after a 17 hour day!

Meet Nina, or the “mom-ager” as she puts it. This is the woman who sparked it all, she encouraged Morgan to run with her idea and start her own business. Classic mom move!

She is our baker, she makes sure everything is cooked perfectly and golden brown. The moment she enters the room she fills it with her charisma and amazing energy.

Meet Sharon AKA “The OG”. She has been baking for over 75+ years and perfecting her personal recipes. She is incredibly strong and passionate about everything she does, and always there to help no matter what.

She is a force to be reckoned with and we find ourselves having to tear her away from the scale after working for 10 hours! She’s not just an ordinary Baubie, she’s a cool Baubie!

Meet Megan, we like to think of her as our "HR". Megan is the transplant family member. Megan and Morgan used to work together before MBB. She is the one who makes all the dough, paints all the challahs and makes sure the special challahs have toppings.

Her positivity and lively presence spreads through the kitchen and uplifts everyone around. She is a pro at reigning in all the family members and getting everyone to focus and keep working. 

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